Сore Alliance is here to help, we will protect you against cybersecurity threats and put the pieces back together if an incident occurs. Our 24/7 team is equipped to keep your business security measures safe and on track so you can get back to work.


Enhance your IT Security Program with a vulnerability assessment by Core Alliance.

We help you discover the weaknesses in your defenses proactively
before someone else does.

Our vulnerability assessment service checks into every IT infrastructure element and
practice, finding ways to enhance them from a security and operations point of view.

Core Alliance Security Assessment Services include:

Password & Access Management

Attack Mitigation

Security Awareness Training

Cloud Security Assessment

Securing IT Infrastructure

Vulnerability Management

Email & Communications Security

Penetration Testing

Secure Software Development

Security Policies and Procedures

Secure Remote Access

Zero Trust Networking

Advanced Endpoint Security

Security Monitoring


Why work with CISO as a service $2,900,000 is lost to cybercrime every minute,
and it is no surprise that hiring a virtual CISO has grown in popularity in recent years.

By engaging our virtual CISO services, you can put your mind at ease because
we massively reduce the risk of a security breach.

We will build the necessary security capabilities and defensive measures for your company
and work with your team daily to protect your business.

Our CISO as a Service delivers higher quality and efficiency than a full-time employee.

A part-time CISO needs less time to commute if they work remotely, which gives them more time to work on the company’s defenses.
You can get a highly experienced and qualified security expert to be your part-time CISO with our service.

The team serving as your CISO is always motivated and consistently performs at their highest capacity due to the KPI-based contract between our clients and Core Alliance and the performance rewards system based on client satisfaction and goal achievement.

When you have a CISO-as-a-Service contract with us, it clearly defines the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and objectives. Our invoicing depends on the KPIs achieved, agreed and approved by you.

Imagine if you could approve the work of your full-time or part-time CISO before each salary?

Unfortunately, no labor law in any country globally would allow that.
But it will enable it with a service contract with a company! Their performance would have been excellent, too!

Check our full CISO as a Service Program.


When it comes to security, time is of the essence; so our team are there 24/7 to detect and respond to any attempts to infiltrate your business.

Our global SOC team uses the latest reactive alert and proactive monitoring tools to ensure we can respond rapidly to any potential breach, helping you defend against cyber threats by providing enterprise-grade Security Operations Centre monitoring, detection, and response services.

Our dedicated security management teams work with you to design, implement and optimize pragmatic controls to ensure your critical data and systems are always protected – helping you sleep easier at night.

We recognize that no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to cyber security, so our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

We provide regular security management reports which include vulnerability scan metrics, progress updates on security actions, events, and training completed. In addition we deliver board level threat brings and exec summaries to ensure business leaders can make informed decisions.

Read more about our SOC solution.

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